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March 9, 2011

Paris Chic Bridal Shower

I recently had a request to post some tips and ideas on bridal showers. I found this lovely Paris inspired Bridal Shower online and thought I'll share it with you. 

This type of set up is pretty easy to do with enough planning. Once again, you need to stick to your colour theme and choose 3 main colours and build your event decor on that. They chose a sophisticated colour palette of lavender, black and white and used different shades of lavender here and there to give it a bit of depth. You will be amazed at how many different types of decor items you will be able to find in different shades and different textures of your specific colour. They incorporated lace, polka dots, stripes and doilies to give the overall theme a bit of texture. 

The use of the hatboxes as treat trays is such a clever way of incorporating the Paris theme.  Should you not be able to find boxes in the colour you need, you can always recover them with gift paper or even paint them. Use ribbon and scrapbook embellishments to decorate them and give them extra sparkle. 

I particularly like the vintage dresser as the cake table. Using various smaller cakes instead of one large cake is such a interesting way of adding to your food decor. As you will see in the image they used the cakes to further add to the theme and each cake had a unique themed look. The big pink garter cake is my absolute favourite!

To add to the soft and lacy Parisian theme, use a lot of ribbon. Use it around your cake stands, on the chairs or even tie the knives and forks together to add to the food table display. You can buy beautiful satin ribbon at almost any Metro or fabric shop - they are usually cheaper at fabric stores than anywhere else. 

Lastly, event stationary. People always tend to forget to add a few personal touches here and there, but it gives your event a classy touch. Take some time and cut out a few handwritten notes or even print out a few Eiffel Towers and a few printed notes. This usually takes up a lot of time, but get all the bridesmaids together and make it a team effort. Visit your local scrapbook shop and look around at what they've got. Various scrapbook shops offer ready cut-outs in various shapes and sizes - you might even be able to pull it off and look like a professional! 


  1. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!!

  2. Wow! I love the Eiffel Towers! It almost looks like your Paris birthday party last year!!

  3. Gorgeous, I love the black, white and purple and combo!


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