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March 7, 2011

3 Clever Storage Ideas

Consol Jars

Iron Tins

Bonne Maman Jam Jars 

I've been looking around for some clever ideas to rearrange a work desk in my office. I work with quite a  few small craft items and need to store them in small containers to create an organized work space. I found these images online as inspiration and thought I'll share them with you. 

All three ideas are so easy to do yourself. I love the coloured Consol bottles in the first image. I particularly like the way they stored the ribbon - such a practical way of keeping your ribbon neat and organized. I adore the iron tins and the rustic set up in the second image. These tins aren't always easy to find, but I recently saw a few shapes and sizes at various Crazy Stores.  On the third image I love the red and white Bonne Maman jam jars. The Bonne Maman brand is easy to find in almost any supermarket. Their jams are yummy too! Once empty, you can attach and secure the top part of the jam jar to a wooden shelf. Only screw the glass off if you need an item. Clever, quick and easy!  


  1. Exactly why I keep on coming back... Such stunning recyclable ideas - thanks Rosaline.

  2. Dit is vreeslik oulik & so pragtig x



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