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February 4, 2011

Rosaline Takes Flight!

This week is extremely exciting to me as Rosaline finally has it's own identity and can spread her wings and fly!

I met up with the designer at GVG Design Studio 2 weeks ago and I had a few ideas of what I wanted. My brief was simple and included a few things that I knew I definitely wanted in my logo - a bird, a rose, scribble/doodle and the Rosaline colour. 

People always ask you about your logo and where it originated from, so I thought I'll share the background with you.

The Bird
Most people close to me know that I have a particular liking for birds. There's just something that has always attracted me to their ability to be so meek and mild and withstand so much wind and resistance. There's a bit of symbolism in that I wanted my business to be able to do the same. Very ironically I was married into a German family and my surname translates to 'Bird'. Soon after I got married, my father in law nick named me 'Voeltjie' and I have been mad about 'voeltjies' ever since. Birds give me a sense of hope and peace and I wanted to be able to inspire and translate this through my work and logo.

The Rose
The names Rosa, Rosl and Rosie has always been my favourites. It immediately makes you think of something that is soft, feminine and pink. The 'rose' in my Rosaline had to be included to incorporate the softer side of the business. 

Out of all the pinks on the colour spectrum I have always been attracted to the 'dirty pink' and only recently found out that the colour is actually called Rosaline. How suited? The ancient meanings behind the colour depicts relaxation, acceptance, harmony and feminine energy which I want to transcend into my work.

Doodles and Scribbles
I've always loved freehand scribbles. It's an interesting and contrasting combination with printed text and it brings in a fun and creative element that I wanted to include. 

The result is perfect and I absolutely adore my new logo!

I can strongly recommend GVG Design Studio - professional, creative and spot on!  - gvg@vodamail.co.za

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