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January 27, 2011

Artwork Without the Artwork

As trends and styles change, so do our walls. It's time to dust off those old frames and put them to new use. 

I've illustrated above how you can re-use your empty frames and frankly, it won't cost you a thing. I  especially like these rustic wooden frames. You can find them literally anywhere, but I suggest you have a look at Bellbottoms in Villieria, Pierneef Street. They recycle old wooden skirtings, so I suppose there's a bit of vintage in these frames. 

Some creative ideas include displaying your empty frames on a shelve, table or chest of drawers. Spread them out and put one in front of the other to create a bit of depth. It's an artwork without the artwork. Another idea is to paint the backboard of the frame with black chalk paint. These come in a 1 litre tin and you should be able to find them at your local hardware store. Another great idea is to cover the backboard with very thin foam and a small piece of material. Use this as a pinboard for your photo's, memo's or any memorabilia. And lastly, tie wire at each opposite end of your frame and use a peg to display your birthday cards or even your favourite photos.


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