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January 25, 2011

The Bunny Hop

Main Table

Table Settings

Food Lollipops

No 1 Gift Box Tower & Ek Verjaar Blocks

Food Table (Side View)

Kids Table Setting

Bunny Birthday Cupcake and Bunny Friends

T-Shirt with Custom Bunny and Birthday Phrase

And so the bunny finally hopped! I finished the bunny themed birthday party today and it was such a fun theme to work with! I've added a few photos of the final product. 

The Bunny Hop Storyboard

One of my readers sent in a request for party ideas for small children. I thought it would be a great idea to do regular updates as I make progress with an event and hopefully give you some inspirational ideas and tips for your own event.

I am busy planning an event for a one year old boy. The theme is bunnies and I just finished my storyboard. Using a storyboard to present all the ideas really helps the client to envision what you are proposing and helps you to focus on the core items of the event.

As I go along, I will post updates under the label 'Bunny Hop Event Progress' so that you can easily follow the progress and hopefully see the end result. 

Invitation (front)

When it came to the design of the invitations, it was important to incorporate elements of the party as much as possible. I photographed the little boy a while back and we used the images on his invitation. He was such a good bunny! To bring in elements that will be used at the party, the table cloth material was scanned in and used as part of the design. 


  1. LOVE the color scheme!

  2. The little bunny cut-out on the paint card is so cute!

  3. OH, I love it! Such a beautiful boy - he looks very serious in that picture. Looks like he's staring at the big bunny! Jikes!I also like the idea to use the material in the invitation!!

  4. OOooo dis oulik so gelukkige seuntjie

  5. Absolutely stunning!

  6. Wow, that looks amazing! It makes me feel totally inept at party planning.


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