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January 23, 2011

A Perfect Beach Party On a Rainy Day

Having a beach party in the middle of January is probably the best way to ease the sad realization that the holidays are officially over. I am sure we've all been to a 'beach party' at some stage - it's such a fun and colourful event, you just can't help to enjoy yourself! 

I was invited to a beach party over the weekend and I could almost feel the sand between my toes. Even though the weather didn't play along, the colourful decor and perfectly done table settings really set the mood for a fun and 'warm' day. 

Having such a bold and colourful theme can be risky as things easily look cluttered and overdone, but a few key items on display will be your best bet to pull off a striking and spot on themed party. Choose a basic colour and build your party decor around that. Having the same undertone throughout will keep things unified and will be easy on the eye - with a few pops of colour here and there. As you will see from the images above, the host chose lime green undertones - green linen, green plates and green bamboo mats. 

Creative ideas for the table included island flowers in small steel pots, buckets full of sand and a colourful umbrella to create a bit of height and I particularly liked the flip flops in a bucket! 

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