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March 11, 2011

Candy Coated Wonderland

The Candy Shop

Popcorn Lolli Stands

 Lunch Bags and Name Tags

Candy Shop Jars 

Lollipop String

Guest Welcome Drink

I finished the Candy Coated Wonderland party over the weekend and although the weather didn't play along, the colours of the party certainly brightened things up! 

No candy party is complete without a candy shop. We created a candy shop for guests to take candy home in coloured bags. To add character to the candy shop, we designed and added food labels to the jars and tied them together with a few satin ribbons. And then off course, bunting flags.  I made use of a lot of the bunting flags - they added the perfect touch. 

Other decor items included a string of covered wooden lollipops and candy cane's at the entrance door. It set the mood as the guests walked in with their colourful welcome drinks.  Another item was the chinese lanterns. I used red, green and blue lanterns and they where hung above and around the kiddies table. And lastly, I made use of popcorn quite a bit. Popcorn can be made a several colours and they are an affordable way of adding 'candy' to the decor.  You can add them to centerpieces (as I did) or even put a few on a string to be hung from the ceiling for extra fun!

Candy Coated Storyboard

I am terrible excited about my new project. I am doing another birthday party pretty soon and just finished the storyboard and presentation thereof. The theme will be a Candy Coated Wonderland for a birthday party of a 1year old boy. We decided on a colour palette of aqua blue, green's and red as the main colours. 

Once again, I will post my progress on the event as I go along to help you with your own Candy Coated birthday party planning.  

Lollipop Invitations

The invitations were sent out and I took some cute photo's of the boy wearing an oversized bow tie and a colourful candy cane lollie. The invitations were made up as lollipops on wooden sticks to keep it fun, playful and theme fitting. He had so much fun and the bow tie didn't bother him one bit! Such a good poser.  


  1. This blog is magnetic, one can't stay away!! Thank you!!!

  2. This blog is magnetic, one cannot stay away!!! Thank you!

  3. klink & lyk na soveel pret!! ^_^ x



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