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February 5, 2011

Very Vegas

A friend of mine asked me to help her out with a few dress up ideas for a Vegas bachelorette party she's attending this weekend. 

I've never been to a Vegas party, but this being a bachelorette party I can just imagine all the girls dressed up and looking so glamorous. We came up with an idea of a plain little black dress and something big for her hair to bring in the Vegas theme. The idea came about and I made her a hairband out of poker chips. It worked very well and there's no way she won't look like she's at a Vegas party!

You can easily make this at home for your next Vegas party or just a dress up party. You can use the same tips for any themed party - keep your outfit simple and just add something spectacular to your hair. 

For this hairband, you will need:
- 15cm of Felt 
- Black Net
- Polka Dot Ribbon
- 9 Poker chips 
- Diamante's 
- Hairband 
- Glue gun

Start off by cutting a circle out of the felt material to use as the backing. The felt backing will give the poker chips support and will hold up the entire structure. Then, cut the net into petal like shapes and glue them onto the felt piece by piece. Try and overlap most of them to add some depth.

Glue the polka dot ribbon onto the edges of the felt to cover it up. You have now created a perfect border for the poker chip flower. Start by gluing the first few poker chips as the base. 5 Poker chips will create a perfect circle.

Once they've dried, glue 3 chips on top of the bottom chips. Leave them to dry.  Glue the last remaining poker chip in the centre to cover the hole and to complete your 'poker chip flower'.

Finally, secure the hairband with another rectangular piece of felt onto the felt backing.  Ensure that it is glued properly. Lastly, glue the diamante's onto the net to give it a bit of shimmer and that touch of glamour!


  1. STUNNING Maris jy is net AMAZING X

  2. What a prefect accessory! She must've stolen the show!

  3. So kreatief! Ek gaan een van die maak! Dankie vir die idee.


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