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February 21, 2011

1200 Hits in 1 Month!

On the 18th of January I decided to start a small blog as a platform to publish some of my work, my ideas and my inspirations for projects. Being very critical of my own work I first asked for a few opinions and finally decided to publish the blog publicly on the 21st of January. 

Rosaline's blog has done better than I could have ever hoped for. In the past month, I received a staggering 1200 hits from all over the world.  I have viewers in Botswana, Malaysia, India, Brazil, America, England, Holland, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. I am completely overwhelmed and amazed at how well the blog has been doing and how much fun it has been to write about interesting finds and projects I'm working on. 

A lot of my ideas for posts has come from readers as I receive emails daily from readers asking for advice, post idea's and things they would like to read about. 

A BIG thank you to you all for your loyal support!

Your Loyal Blogger,


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  1. Helloooooo,

    Soooo Im trying to plan a 30th party for Tommo end of April and you just sprang to mind. If i were in South Africa I would definitely be using you and paying my way to having the best decorated bash everrrrrr.

    Alas im IN Edinburgh :-( , but I know you can help me with some creative tips...

    The idea is something like this:

    A braai - I will provide the rolls and salads so kinda like a bring and braai

    Thinking of hiring community centre that has tables and a dance floor with braaing station outside. Im just lookign for little ideas to make it feel like its a 30th , make it special.

    Tommo loves braais , rugby , beer so he pretty eassy to please,

    Rosalinnnnneeeeeeee Help me! Ha ha


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