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February 8, 2011

Photo Booth Props

Photo booths are the perfect tool for adding spontaneity to your pictures and encourage guests to have loads of fun while taking photos.  

I recently suggested to one of my clients that we do a photo booth at their wedding. Because the photo booth costs did not fit in to their budget, it was my job to come up with another creative idea that would fit into the budget.

You can do the same at your next party or celebration:

Have a cordoned off area that will be for the photo booth only. You will need a fun back drop for your 'booth'. Select the type of style you want the photo's to be taken in - retro, funky or formal. Ask one of your friends with a nifty camera to take the photo's in the photo booth. Have the camera set up and ready on a tripod to ensure that all your 'photo booth' photo's will be from the exact same angle.  Create time slots in which the booth will be open for photos and invite your guests to partake during these time slots. The key to your booth will be fun props. I had awesome wooden props made and there will be enough props to make each photo unique and fun. 


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