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February 22, 2011

Earn Your Stripes


If you are tired of an old boring plain coloured wall, try painting a few stripes on to spice up your entire room. Stripes add a fun and modern element to any room and you can mix almost any colour to create an interesting focus wall.  From the images you will see that you can use narrow or wide stripes or a combination of the two. You can paint vertical stripes to add volume to your room or horizontal stripes to add length. Although the images only show two colours, you can use various colours to make a bold statement.

Stripes are pretty simple to paint and are much less work than you might think. The best is to start off and cover the entire wall with one colour. Decide on the width of your stripes and make small markings on the entire wall. Tape your masking tape to the wall and ensure with a spirit level that all your stripes are straight. You've now covered most of the hard work. Start painting the contrasting colour or colours within the marked area and wait until the paint is completely dry before removing the tape. Removing the tape can be quite tricky and you need to exercise quite a bit of patience as a small tug can peel off the paint. Starting from the one end slowly pull the tape off and work your way to the other end. You have now successfully earned your stripes!

I've included a quick video as an illustration!

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