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February 9, 2011

Asian Ease

I had a request from one of my readers to post ideas for a themed dinner. I did an Asian themed dinner a little over a year ago and thought I'll share the photos with you for some inspiration. 

You can easily recreate the same look at home. I tried to tone down the strong colours and I opted for more neutral colours instead - brown side plates, bamboo runner and lots of green plants. I purchased three types of unusual flowers and grouped each individually in their own vase. Play around with your flower arrangements and create something unusual and interesting. For place mats, I purchased an Asian newspaper and used different pages from the newspaper - you can buy these at most Chinese stores. To add a bit of 'life' to the table, I hired 3 goldfish for the evening and used them in vases as part of the table decor. It added some interest to the table. Should you struggle to find a animal or pet shop to hire your goldfish from, use the Animal Kingdom in Atterbury Value Mart. Then lastly, I always enjoy adding depth to the overall picture and in order to achieve this I hung a few chinese lanterns and chinese umbrella's from the roof. 

Just think of something theme fitting and creative you can dish up for your guest and you will create your own Asian themed dinner with ease! 

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  1. Ek hou van die goudvissies! They were probably the life of the party!


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