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February 15, 2011

Centre Of My Heart

I had a request last week from someone via my blog to help them with a few creative valentine's ideas. This person needed help as the couple doesn't live in the same city and he needed a few ideas to spoil his long distance love with. 

With only a few days to organize, there wasn't much time to waste and I asked him to write a love letter addressed to her. I then arranged for the love letter that he wrote to be baked inside a special valentine's cake which was just big enough for one. I left her a small note as a clue on the cake box to eat her way to the centre of the cake to find her secret love message.

If you ever attempt to do this, remember to protect the love letter from the heat and cake mix with a cover. I used a small pink easter egg. This way I could add a small wire heart and ribbon to add a special touch to the letter. 


  1. I love your creative ideas!

  2. I love this idea! Would you offer this as a service for people who would like to organise a special occasion from afar? Please post about it if you do. Love it! x


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